Morrow Motivation | March 10 2017

by | Mar 10, 2017

The thing I find most amazing in amazing grace is the chance to give it out. Maybe that’s what love is all about.”
-Brandon Heath

Let this be my best day. Let me be love to everyone I meet. Let my heart not be troubled by the turmoil in this world, but let Your love give me strength and shine a light to show The Way to salvation. There is work to be done in the midst of a broken world. I am no longer a slave to this world, but a slave to love. I pray selfishly that I can remain in Him in order to selflessly give away His truth that heals and saves and restores what is broken and in need of repair. Humble me Father and show me again what Your love looks like. Move in me so that there is more of You to be seen. Let THIS be my best day.