Morrow Motivation | June 6 2017

by | Jun 6, 2017

God loves to make the Christian life simpler than we often make it out to be. I used to believe that to discover God’s will I had to ask God for things and wait to see if life’s circumstances panned out in line with those prayers. But God longs to fill us with the knowledge of his will even before you ask so that we can simply pray in full faith and joy in accordance with what he already desires to do. He blesses us with a life of simplicity if we will simply, wholeheartedly follow him. Take time today to search out the will of God for your life and rest in assurance of his faithfulness as you pray.”
-First 15

I’ve been coming to this place lately where I’m upset with the world around me. I’m disappointed in people and thus, myself for not being more. For not being more deliberate in my day to focus on Him who saved me. I want to be more focused on the love that He has for me so that I can shut up and listen to people. I know now that I am covered. All of my life is and has been blessed by God. I am loved by Him. The circumstances of this world and the tragedies I may encounter along the path of my life hold no power over my soul anymore. They do not define the me that I am now, in Christ. It’s still very difficult to be who I want to be as my old self is still very ingrained in my brain. I get up most mornings and struggle to get centered in Him. And I will tell you that I have not been having my morning time with God on a regular basis. I have many excuses which most of you would agree are worthy. However, I know in my heart that I am being a wussy and that when I call upon God for strength and patience, He always supplies me with what I need. When I go to put Him first and I ask for the power to do so, He is pretty impressive in His knack for kicking in the reserves which I didn’t know were there. I have abilities that are most days left untapped. I am capable of so much more and I am usually content with just enough. I DO NOT WISH TO BE THIS SELF ANYMORE. I desire to be who He sees me capable of being. I desire Jesus to be my source for all. If all I did was call upon His name, I would have strength to resist the temptations of each day. I am living proof that anyone on this planet, no matter the level of fu*#up you think you are, is loved by God, desired by Him, and is offered 100% forgiveness and redemption all upon request. Complete and total transformation is available to each and every single one of us. Yes, even the A-hole you’re thinking of right now. You are no better than them and I am no better than anyone either. Let me clarify though. Forgiveness is not the same as a debt unsettled. You will be forgiven and are offered a new and better way of living. But the old you is still there and needs this forgiveness ALL THE TIME. I am not walking around thinking I got life all figured out and since Jesus forgave me then I’m cool to just ride it out. No sir. I am still a fu*#up just like every brother in Christ and every lost soul who doesn’t know Him or trust Him. The difference is that I now seek Him and have his promises to hold onto. The sins I’ve committed will have consequences. The sins I will commit will be the same. But I don’t have to and no longer will be defined by the world and the sins I commit while in this world. I am loved and so are you! I am forgiven and offered a better way to spend my time. So are you. I hate that it seems normal to want to find happiness in the things of this world. I hate that I still am guilty of that desire. But I have found in Jesus a way to live that beats the false happiness found in this world to a pulp. I have found true joy. I don’t always live in it and struggle sometimes to share it and show that I know about it. But I do know it. I do experience it and I do want to share it with all of you. This is a light that was not meant to be kept under a basket. God wants us to share His love and His word of Truth with everyone we meet. Period. No judgement. Just love. Just Jesus. He is love and that’s what I want in my life. More love. More Jesus. Sorry if I rambled today. It’s been a while since I have given myself in this way. It’ll come back. Have a great and glorious day. It’s there for the taking.