Morrow Motivation 1/25/27

by | Jan 25, 2017

“The morning comes like an enemy soldier
I feel the weight across my shoulder
I feel the shadows getting colder
But that ain’t You

This noose ant getting any looser
I get so fearful about the future
I hear the same of my accuser
But that ain’t You

And I found strength but it wasn’t what I thought
And I found peace in the places I forgot
And I found riches in the things that I had bought
And I found out the day I lost myself
Was the day that I found God”

So much of this hits home for me. The morning times have historically been difficult for me. Still are. But I have a weapon against the voices, the lies, the fears, the enemy. I have the hope, love, and joy of The Lord. I know what He can do when I claim Him as my savior. I know what that holds for me. I know what can happen when I believe. I know because I have seen it. I know because I have experienced it. I know because it is real, it is true, and it IS the Truth. He, my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, my God, is as real as the wind on my face. I cannot always see Him with my physical eyes, but I feel Him with my physical life. His effects on my life are indisputable. And His place in my life is perfect and is guiding my steps. Today I have only. This moment I have only. I will breath in His love and breath out His love and focus my heart on His will in order to be where He desires for me to be to the glory of His pleasure. Get yourself up today and get yourself some of this day!!!