Morrow Motivation 1/18/17

by | Jan 18, 2017

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight!”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭5:20-21‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Good morning!
So, yesterday I didn’t get the chance to read something called the Denison Forum. I read it just now and then read another article from there on U2’s upcoming tour of the Joshua Tree album. I want to go to this. So, anybody when tickets, holla! For some reason I found myself relating to what we went over yesterday in bible study. We are beginning Isaiah and just read chapter 5 yesterday. As fate would have it, I remember, and was specifically drawn to upon reading, these verses above. I think it curious that the feeling in the country today is one of utter confusion. Confusion on how we got here. One thing that Denison spoke to was history repeating itself. He quoted Mark Twain in saying, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Another point made by Denison was that the scriptures give a full account of all the mistakes that man has made and seemingly, ever will make. The idea was to hopefully help us avoid making the same mistakes twice. But as the old saying goes, “Those who do not learn their history are bound to repeat it.” We actually spoke to that yesterday too. So much happening here that brings it all together. I love it when that happens! Another conversation I had yesterday (I was apparently busy!) was with a friend and he was asking how do we get thru it all when there is so much happening at once? He feels overwhelmed with the need to have everyone understand the truth about his life. It’s always easy to give advice by the way. Not always easy to hear it or take it for yourself. Just wanted to say that as I am guilty of this. But I was reminded that it is better to hear than to be heard. Listen to people. Hear them. Respond and be understanding. Relate to them. Validate them. Comfort them. We are fragile beings, ALL OF US! We seek shelter from the storms and we desire leadership and love. We hope to be first and to be significant. We wish to be remembered greatly and we desire to be desirable. All these things are already provided to each of us. When you finally see the fact that the light in the room was on the entire time you were there. You were simply asleep and unaware. That doesn’t negate the fact that the light was always on and was providing its protection and warmth and security for you the whole time. You were never in the dark even though you thought you were. Does that make sense? When people say that God never leaves you not forsakes you, this is how I picture it. God is light. He is truth and He is love. If He is all that is good in the world, and He is also creator of all, the the author of it all had to have been providing for us this light for some reason. Some good reason in fact. If you believe He also created evil and is responsible ultimately for all he workings of suffering down here and you can’t understand how He could allow these tragedies to happen, you’re not alone. I get caught up in that often. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that He never left my side, even when I doubt Him and His goodness. Even when I cuss His name and just get fed up with the difficulty and confusion. He never left me. Do you hear me? He NEVER LEFT MY SIDE! He has been the light in the room my entire life. I love Him! I am so thankful that I see Him now and that I can always know that I have a house to live in and come into from out of the rain. I can’t believe I ever thought I was alone. What a terrible place I was in! But I’m not there anymore. I am not lost anymore. Can you hear the words I’m saying?? I am found! I am found indeed! I have been saved, set free from my evil ways, redeemed! I have been given a new life, new eyes to see. He transforms me each day. He works on me each moment. He is the light in my life, in my world, and right here in my room, while I lay sleeping. Thank God that I am loved and will never have to feel alone again. That, to me, is miraculous! Holy macaroni grille and hallelujah!! Have a tremendous day! It is already Yuge! Let God be your guide and see if it blows your mind how much “Yuger” it can get!